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Why Indigo

Trough a number of projects, Indigo gathered know how about efficient tools and procedures for managing and executing the activities of a QA Strategy.
Eventually, Indigo built a tool (Test Framework, see bellow), to automate API and Unit Test execution and monitor its evolution.

Using our experience, Test Framework and experient Testers Indigo can provide comprehensive QA solutions for Agile projects!

Regression Testing

Excluding very small projects, any project should have a strategy to avoid regression - every new sprint and release should extend and refine existing functionality, not break it!
Dealing with the complexity of picking the right tools, defining Test Cases, electing them for regression, executing and / or automating them can be a daunting task for a team starting from scratch.

Indigo can help you boostrap our Regression Testing process!

Unit Testing

Its universally accepted that Unit Testing is a mandatory process in a QA strategy for SW development, this process needs to become natural for the development team.

Indigo can help your Development Team leverage the tools available for unit testing with OutSystems and consolidate the process with your continuous integration orchestrator!

Automated Testing

Tipically, test automation is meant to refer to the automation of UI Tests - but it can be applied to other types of testing.
Automating part of the Regression Test Suite has major advantages: time to certify a new version, Continuous QA / Integration, running the tests against multiple environments and / or configurations and freeing valuable Tester's time to refine Test Cases instead of executing them.

Indigo has extended experience automating UI testing - we can help you realise the value of applying it to your project's Regression Test Suite!

Test Framework


The Test Framework is an open source OutSystems application that offers simple management and automated execution of OutSystems Unit and API tests. With seamless integration with BDD Framework and Unit Testing Framework (check these two components in the OutSystems Forge), it allows automated regression testing setup and execution.

Using Test Framework you can not only setup and execute your tests, you can also monitor the evolution of their outcomes per day, check detailed results - and even link individual issues with Defects or Issues submitted to the development team!

1) Manage Test Suites, Cases and Steps: Define your test scenarios, for both Unit and API tests, and it executes them manually or daily at a given schedule
2) Test execution classification: Classify your test executions as Broken or Defect, to help your teams focus on fixing tests, or actually fixing the wrong functionality identified by the test.
3) Introspection and execution of BDD and UTF Tests: Automatically import and run BDD or UTF Tests periodically, validating results on every run.
4) Quality overview: Monitor the evolution of your test suites, gaining a clear understanding of whether tests are not designed for maintainability, or if your applications are increasingly having more quality and less regressions.

Free Version

This tool is built for the OutSystems Community to use - feel free to download it from the Forge and give it a try. Your feedback is welcome, we are looking forward to have it as we are continuously adding new features!

Check it out here

Custom Services

Our experience with the Agile methodology and the OutSystems platform can help you bootstrap a Quality Assurante Strategy and implement it.

Get in touch with us and let's have a quick chat about how we can leverage our experience and Test Framework to improve the Quality of your OutSystems factory's deliverables.